‘Fortnite’ on iOS Safari and Android via GeForce NOW

'Fortnite' on iOS Safari and Android via GeForce NOW

fortnite on GeForce NOW with touch controls on mobile is now available to all members, streaming via the Safari web browser on iOS and the GeForce NOW Android application.

The full launch – including the removal of the waitlist – follows a successful beta period in which over 500,000 participants streamed over 4 million sessions across hundreds of mobile device types.

The closed beta gave the GeForce NOW team the opportunity to test and learn, resulting in optimized on-screen touch controls and game menus, with intuitive gameplay. The end result is a tactile experience for gamers.

We thank the beta participants, whose millions of streaming sessions have made these improvements possible, with a three-day Priority subscription – or a three-day extension for existing RTX 3080 and Priority members. See below for details.

Streaming “Fortnite” on GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW gives millions of gamers the ability to stream their favorite PC games, like fortnite – for almost any device. Games are rendered on PCs in the cloud with high-performance NVIDIA GPUs and render gameplay to these devices in a fraction of a second.

Getting started is easy. Visit GeForce NOW membership page and choose one of three performance tiers, including a free subscription option. RTX 3080 and Priority members get an improved experience with higher quality graphics, faster access to servers, and more features. After your registration, To download native GeForce NOW game streaming apps for PC, Mac, Android, or TV, or start streaming right away from play.geforcenow.com.

Members can link their Epic Games account from the Settings > Connections menu to automatically log in to fortnite when launching the game.

Connect with your inner Battle Royale champion by playing Fortnite on mobile devices.

With the addition of touch controls, fortnite mobile players get the GeForce performance they can touch. RTX 3080 members stream enhanced graphics that render up to 120fps on select 120Hz Android devices and can play with millions more fortnite players around the world.

GeForce NOW manages game patches and updates for members. As new seasons arrive or a new mode drops, members are always ready to play. When battle royale without building came in fortnite with the launch of Fortnite Zero BuildGeForce NOW members were able to play right away.

For advice on game mechanics or a reminder about the game fortnite with touch controls, discover from Fortnite Begin page.

A three-day thank you to beta participants

As a thank you to members who have helped to improve fortnite mobile touch controls during the closed beta period, participants can redeem a three-day priority subscription to GeForce NOW. Priority members get better performance, access to premium servers, and extended six-hour sessions for an enhanced gaming experience.

Members redeem the free promotional subscription—or extend their existing Founders, Priority, or RTX 3080 subscription—by logging in to redemption portal and following the instructions to activate it. Beta participants will also receive an email in the coming days with additional details.

Access the games

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong on GeForce NOW

Bite your teeth into Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong, a thrilling vampire story.

GFN Thursday always means more matches. Members can find these and more streaming to the cloud this week:

Sign up for a RTX 3080 or Priority subscription to play these and any of the 1,300 games available on the service.

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